In stark contrast to his last visit to Washington where he was criticised for taking a corporate jet, GM’s Rick Wagoner will drive from Detroit to Washington this time around. In what can only be termed as a token gesture, the CEO will make the 520 mile trek in his Chevy Malibu Hybrid.

The journey will give GM’s CEO plenty of time to explore the satellite radio dial. He can even keep up with all of the political news by tuning into one of the many news outlets that satellite radio has to offer.

Some may be critical of the drive, stating that it does not represent any real savings, and perhaps even takes up valuable time that the CEO could be dealing with the many hurdles that GM has to overcome. Before slamming Wagoner for driving, people should consider that the CEO’s of the big three have also taken a hit in the bank account. Bonuses are being cancelled for 2009, and Ford, which is trying to avoid using government money, has already stated that their CEO will work for $1 if the automaker taps into the government for assistance.

Any guesses as to what Rick Wagoner’s favorite satellite radio channel is?