Sales figures for the all important OEM channel will flow in today and GM started off the day with very positive news. The company reported sales of over 232,000 vehicles in June. This is a 27% gain over last year and a gain over last months disappointing number. For Sirius XM investors the key number to look for is 1 million cars being sold across the OEM channel. All indicators point to April sales being well over that magic number. Combine Sirius XM's strong performance today with positive news from the auto channel and investors certainly have something to be happy about.

Individual and aggregate reports for automotive sales figures will be reported on iKickTires, with my usual satellite radio tallies outlined here on SiriusBuzz. For investors in satellite radio, understanding the dynamics of the OEM channel is important. While certain specific news will make it here to SiriusBuzz, more in depth information will be posted at iKickTires. Stay tuned to to both sites for accurate, detailed, and timely information on the satellite radio and automotive sectors.

Position - Long Sirius XM Radio