Free Satellite Radio's, that is the latest mantra from C3SR, an NAB backed "consumer group" that claims to advocate on behalf of satellite radio subscribers. C3SR, for what appears to be the first time has taken a stance that is actually dealing with the merger should it pass. In past filings, C3SR has been staunchly against the merger, and has refused to deal with issues that satellite radio consumers want.

Yesterday, C3SR stated that, "If the merger is approved, that at a minimum all satellite radio subscribers should be given a free interoperable receiver." There is a catch though... "These interoperable receivers should also include AM, FM, and HD capability."

While I have never been a fan of C3SR, I must applaud them for finally doing something that is actually taking satellite radio subscribers into consideration should the merger be approved. It would appear that C3SR sees the writing on the wall with regard to whether or not the merger will gain approval.

[ C3SR Filing ]

Position: Long Sirius, XM.