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    All of the dozen or more retailers that I have been in lately seem to have the same old, tired and dusty satrad display. It seems that any reply to a question about the company or service is met with a blank stare. Wouldn't it be worthwhile to at least put a small effort toward increasing retail sales, especially with car sales in the crapper? Wouldn't it be worthwhile to do anything? You can't just sit on your hands and cry about the economy.

    I just saw that Tweeters a high end retailer is going to be closing at least three stores in my area.


    I hope that you are right but it wouldn't hurt to advertise a new and improved COMING SOON!

    You can promote a product that has not yet been be released by.......

    sending out Sirius XM posters to be put on the display cases explaining the merger and stating that A NEW IMPROVED SIRIUS XM Sirius XM is COMING SOON!.
    This would have cost almost nothing to do!
    Store traffic would have been seeing this for the last two months.

    It would have also eliminated a lot of the blank stares by by the sales staffs.

    Maybe it would have gotten the sales people interested by just wondering what the new and improved Sirius could be.
    Maybe it would have gotten them talking about what it could be with customers who in turn might have talked about it with friends and family.
    Maybe just __% of these people would become subscribers.

    Doing nothing is not acceptible!!!!!!!!!
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