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Thread: This is important...

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    I do not disagree with you about the sub numbers. As for content, its all opinion. As for debt, XM had more than SIRI. For the past few years, XM's quarterly losses were widening while SIRI were narrowing. Without merger, It was obvious that SIRI would have shown positive earning before XM. XM would have never made it without the merger.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steve3947 View Post
    I do not disagree with you about the sub numbers. As for content, its all opinion.
    People show their opinion about content by what service they subscribe to! The fact remains that XM always had more subscribers than Sirius - even without the NFL and Howard Stern. Those subscribers and their opinions need to be respected to prevent massive cancellations and to maintain future subscriber growth from those that the XM programming philosophy appeals to. There was a reason that all of those subscribers preferred and chose XM! If Sirius kills what was unique and special about XM's programming, it will be a huge problem for customer loyalty and future subscription growth...

    Look what Sirius management is doing........

    The Punk channel - gone!

    The modern jazz/fusion channel - gone!

    The folk channel - gone!

    XM's Fine Tuning - gone!

    POTUS - firing everyone!

    and that's just some of them...

    There are other horrible things that they are doing too, like firing a lot of DJ's and automating channels with annoying jingles and repetitious, stale playlists. The automation and market researched playlists is what destroyed terrestrial radio! You cannot appeal to the masses by trying to please everyone with watered down, market researched programming. There is enough bandwidth to appeal to everyone and represent every genre without axing whole genres of music! Do they really need all those single artist channels? Radio programming needs a human touch to be something special. DJ's with a passion for the music and a vision for the programming create something special - guys in suits looking at charts do not!

    I am absolutely disgusted with what Sirius management is doing.......
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    A comment from political journalist, Jorge Luna in his recent article...

    "As I drove to work today, I switched to my favorite XM station, POTUS í08. Scott Waltermanís soothing voice was still playing and I wondered for a moment if they were in reruns. Alas, it was a live broadcast, and I listened, misty-eyed....."

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    Another political journalist, Will Durst mentions POTUS...

    "I need the real thing. I want XM satellite radioís POTUS Oh Eight to become POTUS One Two."

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    Look at all of these people Sirius management is pissing off...

    This from

    XM Beyond Jazz To End
    By John Hilderbrand on Oct 16, 2008 in radio

    For over six years, Iíve been an XM radio subscriber and fan of XM72 - the Beyond Jazz channel. The primary reason I became a subscriber is the ability to hear music on the radio that I canít hear in my local market, most notably contemporary jazz and electronica. XM72 music director, Russ Davis, has been consistently kept the station a must-listen for any modern jazz (or MoJa) fan. The balance of classic fusion, acid jazz, new fusion, jazztronica, and other plugged-in jazz is like nothing you can hear in your automobile. I used to post about the thrill I got hearing Liquid Soul, the Solsonics, Marcus Miller, Jamiroquai, and other favorites of mine air on a nationwide channel.

    Now, those days are over. XM laid off 80 employees yesterday. Some were on-air personalities, including 50s fan-fave Matt ďThe CatĒ Baldassarri and Soul Streetís Bobby Bennett and Leigh Hamilton. While writing this, I just got an email message from Jamminí Jazz (a popular show on Beyond Jazz) host Michelle Sammartino. Itís true - Beyond Jazz will be ending in early November. This fits in with the rumor that a XM-Sirius merged single set of channels will be coming in November.

    Hereís the message I received from Michelle:

    Hiya John,

    Unfortunately i was already laid off, and Russ will be gone in early November with the channel. They cut so many people this week in programming aloneÖ it is sad. I am sorry to see the channel going, as you know it was our passion. We are however planning to continue to work together with this music. Whether that is an online radio channel or podcasts or something. Keep checking back here and once we have it done I will post all the info here.

    SadÖ but one door closesÖ well you know the restÖ


    I know Iíll be writing more about this. Right now, though, Iím kind of numb.



    Thatís sad news, of course, but presumably theyíre just eliminating duplication. How do you feel about the options on Sirius?

    Happy | Oct 17, 2008

    Last time I checked, they sucked. There was no station that had the wealth of songs and the dedication of Russ Davis. I wonít even consider Sirius for jazz. Itís goodbye satellite radio for me. I can use that extra $13/month anyway.

    John Hilderbrand | Oct 17, 2008

    Its to bad they [Sirius] donít realize how beyond jazz is on the cutting edge of this type of music much like the jazz fusion era of the 1970ís.I will greatly miss beyond jazz and will probably not renew .Another blundering corporate decision.

    Gerald Miller | Oct 21, 2008

    XM Beyond jazz was the shinning light on all radio.It was a station that took chances and that is so important these days.Russ was a great supporter of my CD Global Noize and totally got into what the musical approach was about with no boundries or rules to the music.
    My subscription to XM ends soon and I wonít be renewing.If they donít gt the importance of a station like Beyond jazz than their musical values differ from mine
    The whole XM platform has changed since I got the service 5 years ago.
    This is a sad scenario
    Peace, jason

    jason Miles | Oct 25, 2008

    I am really disappointed about XM canning Beyond Jazz, and I already miss Harlem with Matt the Cat from the 50s channel. I probably wonít renew my subscription if Beyond Jazz goes away, or if they replace it with some watered-down version. Mel Karmazin is a money-grubbing scumbag and I hate what his kind have done to radio.

    Patrick | Nov 4, 2008

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    More people Sirius management is pissing off....

    Look at this petition with 2,588 signatures to save the punk channel....

    Bring back Fungus 53 on XM and Sirius Punk 2588 Supporters
    Created by fsuskate on September 18, 2008, 1:22 pm

    To Jon Zellner (Senior VP of Programming XM) and Steve Blatter (Senior VP of Programming at SIRIUS)

    We would like to respectfully request that you return Fungus 53 and Sirius Punk to the your channel lineup. Both stations have a strong and devoted following among your subscribers. We have recieved letters stating that some of the content that was aired on Fungus can be heard on other stations (Fred 44 and Ethel 47) but that is just not true. Fungus had the greatest variety of punk on XM and removing it has left XM with no real punk offering. We are signing this petition to please urge to return Fungus promptly.

    The Undersigned


    Here are some selected comments from the petition signers.....

    18 Sep 2008 - 20:06 Rob Marnell: I support this petition. Fungus was the only reason I subscribed.

    18 Sep 2008 - 22:02 Vincent McLean: I support this petition. And I subscribe to XM and Sirius just for Fungus and Sirius 29 and now both are AC/DC 24/7! If this decision stands I will cancel my three year subscription.

    18 Sep 2008 - 22:12 Darian O'Quinn: im sick of xm removing the channels i subscribe for

    18 Sep 2008 - 22:21 Andrew Foster: People need this. It's why they have Sirius; because they can't get this programming anywhere else.

    18 Sep 2008 - 23:26 Susan Horner: We need to get back our station as soon as possible. This is completely ridiculous!! Bring it back NOW!!!!

    Sep 2008 - 0:24 Terry Turner: I support this petition. Fungus was the reason I got XM, now it's all ac/dc...WTF! My two year subscription is up next month and I won't be renewing

    19 Sep 2008 - 2:01 Scott Rader: I support this petition. I find it impossible to believe that with multiple country stations, multiple heavy metal stations and innumerable stations with no discernible purpose whatsoever that you can't find the bandwidth to broadcast Fungus 53 and whatever "band of the month" you want to promote.

    19 Sep 2008 - 7:05 Josh Ragusa: As a shareholder and subscriber who only subscribes for Fungus, I fully support this petition to bring Fungus back to its rightful spot on the airwaves.

    19 Sep 2008 - 10:23 Rudy Pericolo: I support this petition!!! Fungus 53 or no pay no mo fo xm

    19 Sep 2008 - 11:16 sarah gabriel: I support this petition. I am so mad they took my 53 and i hate acdc!!!!!!!! I scream and yell at the stupid xm now cause their is nothing to listen to. If they dont bring fungus back asap i am dropping them.

    19 Sep 2008 - 14:26 Liana Walters: The rotation on Fungus is completely different and necessary to provide a well-balanced channel lineup. The special programming on Fungus is also indispensable. Shows like Oi!sters, Skannorhea, and Kowabunga Uber Alles broadcast the best in such diverse genres that would never be played on any other channel. To *real* music fans, It is disgraceful that you have replaced such a cultural mecca with vapid AC/DC. Nevermind the fact that previous one-band channels like Coldplay's and Led Zeppelin's never encroached upon other channel's programming. Without Fungus, there is no reason for me to renew my XM subscription. I support this petition

    19 Sep 2008 - 9:05 Brandon Manis: Sweet move, corporate America! Lame. Lame. Lame. Bring it back. Seriously.

    19 Sep 2008 - 15:37 Brain Kilgore: There is a good chance I will cancel my subscription without Fungus. It is the reason I started with XM.

    19 Sep 2008 - 17:59 Elizabeth Bouras: I support this petition - I am a current XM subscriber who is cancelling my account as Fungus was the only station I listened to (and the reason I bought a new car stereo with XM!) If they bring it back I will happily re-subscribe, until then at least I have my iPod!

    19 Sep 2008 - 23:44 Michael Davies: One of the primary reasons I subscribe to XM is to hear music that is not normally available on local radio channels. I find it horrible that you've removed the unique programming on fungus 53 and replaced it with ACDC 24/7. Every decent sized market has a station that plays ACDC. Seriously, how many people do you expect to listen to an all ACDC channel for more than 30 minutes? I think that you've made a poor choice for a programming gimmick. Please bring back fungus, or provide another similar outlet for punk and ska music. I will not continue to pay for music I already can hear locally.

    20 Sep 2008 - 0:55 kris schneider: i subscribe to XM to have non-stop access to music i CAN'T find on the radio..... i thought satellite was supposed to be an *alternative* to commercial radio. it makes no sense to have 25 versions of hitlist/mainstream music, and get rid of the one & only single punk channel offered. we fungus listeners might be in the minority but we are a niche audience truly willing to pay monthly for the music we can't get anywhere else. PLEASE bring back fungus 53..... lucy & fred just do not cut it. do you not see how buzz****s, the clash, the ramones, the stranglers, and reverend horton heat are now used in adverts to sell product on tv?? ....and you've cut all of those bands from your programming. not savvy.

    20 Sep 2008 - 1:42 Joey Ramone: I support this petition. F@#$ Sirius XM, I'm done. Slacker radio is the future. Go to www slacker com and build your own punk and ska station for FREE and send it to the portable unit to listen to it anywhere for FREE. You aren't the only game in town any more Sirius XM, Slacker radio is the new revolution.

    20 Sep 2008 - 13:45 Matt Foster: The reason why I subscribe to this service is to get unique programming such as PUNK music which is not on any terrestrial radio station. AC/DC is so vanilla and terrestrial radio friendly that its not necessary for there to be a dedicated channel. Why pay for something I can get for free on terrestrial?! Bring back Punk!

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    I guess looking at your point of view, I would also be pissed off. If the reverse was happening with SIRI channels being cut, I would be pissed too.

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    I can see getting rid of programming where there is overlap. Sorry guys, but with Jazz, there is some overlap. Someone is going to get cut. They should at the very least set up online-only feeds for the guys who want to continue what they are doing. Let them put commercials in or whatever they need to do to fund themselves. Offer a service to pair them up with advertisers. Its a win-win for everyone. Cutting these niche markets wholesale will only narrow the draw of satrad. Will we continue to grow? Yes. However, it will be less diverse.

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    I have to somewhat disagree with you. People do not always go where the best content exists. I am sure a majority of people who liked satrad did so for many of the mainstream channels, since they are still far above terrestrial. People will do whatever is easiest for themselves. If XM is installed in the car the bought, they will go with XM, and vice versa. My guess is that Sirius had a more dedicated following, while XM had better take rates with certain car manufacturers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jmm232 View Post
    I can see getting rid of programming where there is overlap. Sorry guys, but with Jazz, there is some overlap.
    Huh? What are you talking about? That leaves only one Jazz channel left! Don't even mention Watercolors, because that doesn't count. Watercolors is muzak and that doesn't count! Do people that are into classical like elevator music and want to tune into it? People that are into Jazz don't listen to Watercolors. Overlap? What about all the Country and Rock overlap? If you know anything about Jazz - you would know that mixing modern jazz fusion and acid jazz with classic jazz doesn't flow right. Do you have any idea how big the modern jazz scene is right now or how much new modern jazz music is being created now? They are alienating a huge group of people and real true creative musicians with the removal of Beyond Jazz.

    It is a huge corporate blunder and a sickening loss for all of the modern jazz fans and musicians who are creating relevant, exciting, exploratory music now!

    The guys in suits at Sirius just don't get it......Idiots!
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