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Thread: This is important...

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    Quote Originally Posted by SiriusBuzz View Post
    I cant speak for Tyler but my priorities are spot on.

    I hope you know I was joking.......about the personal life coach thing too.

    I was trying to be funny. I hope you didn't think I was serious......

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    There is this guy...I think his name is Mil,or Mike, no no his name is Mel i think. He might be able to add some interesting commentary to the Sirius Buzz radio show! Just kidding. Not able to listen live very ofter, but check it out later when I have time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Newman View Post
    Yes, I don't know why we couldnt see it... your 20 friends that are upset about the lineup change definately consitute what you describe first as "the majority", and then later "A fairly sizable portion of subscribers". My appologies.

    Take a look at some numbers: Subscriber Number Charts

    Combined net adds for Q4:

    2007: 1,113,260
    2006: 1,347,247
    2005: 2,040,955
    2004: 1,194,070

    And you think in 2008 these will be less than 200k huh? You think that the 4th quarter: Traditionally the BUSIEST AND BIGGEST quarter for the company where they always add more net adds than any other quarter, will be less than 200k, when just this past Q3 they added 344,100 subs?

    You have got to be out of your mind... I thought everyone realized that that prediction was a joke... apparenly everyone but you and the analysts covering the stock.
    Sirius XM Subscribers: Only 83,000 subscribers added in Q4

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    People called me an asshole when I said it would be close to zero. People also called me an asshole when I said they would be lucky to end 2008 with 19 million.

    I may be an asshole for a lot of reasons... but those two things aren't two of them.
    Charles LaRocca
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    Sirius is a quality provider, and has to do what needs to be done to survive during these times. I can't blame them.

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    Sirius/XM is bringing back Beyond Jazz!!!!!!

    Well, kind of.....there will be a new weekly Beyond Jazz show on the Real Jazz channel.

    Meanwhile, the former Beyond Jazz program director and DJ that were fired from XM during the channel changes are about to launch their own modern jazz internet radio station......

    I'm still hoping that Sirius/XM brings back the modern jazz channel at some point. It was only my favorite channel......

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