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Thread: Info from "My Investors"

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    Appreciate Steve! I am really having a tough time trying to figure if I should invest more (that I really can't afford) to reduce my ave share cost. I am putting alot of hope in the coming conference call advise! Here's hoping - for ALL of us!! Again - appreciate!

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    No hair pulling now girls........

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    Yeah, what SteveSirius said.

    As far as that article, there are so many things wrong with it that I don't even know where to start.

    The article lists 1.05 billion in debt. While this may sound petty, and we have no idea when the article was written, what it does not mention is the fact that some institution(s) is/were willing to accept a large amount of stock in exchange for 50 million in debt. As Steve said, why would an institution accept 50 million in stock if there were a possibility of the company going BK?

    Quote Originally Posted by My Investor Place
    The merger between the two satellite companies has not produced the "cost savings" everyone thought would occur.
    The merger has been completed for a whole 4 months? The two companies have never staed what their actual "cost savings" HAVE been, but we do know that they are expecting over 400 million in synergies in 2009, making them free cash flow positive for the year before CAPEX.

    As far as the Pro Forma statement that the article quoted, take a look at this Pro Forma:
    Microsoft 2008 10k. Go down about 6 pages to Section 1a: Risk Factors. It is about 3 pages long and has items like: We face intense competition, Challenges to our buisness model may reduce our revenues and operating margins, and the best one is: Catastrophic events or geo-political condition may disrupt our buisness.

    Oh, by the way: The 10k that this was in? The PR release said "Microsoft announces earnings increased to 15 billion for quarter"

    RickF: Welcome to the forums. If you have any questions about something, feel free to post them here, and make a disclaimer that you are new.
    But be very careful: Not all of us are as nice as Mario.
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    YOU NEED TO READ THE Q-10.. in its form it is language givin for the merger and reasons for it and taken out of content by another SHORTY to spook the investors that dont do there homework... its not a statement or outlook after merger with synergies etc...




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    Isn't that merely a disclaimer in the 10Q to protect the company?

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    Posted: 5:43 am
    November 5, 2008

    Embattled SEC chief Chris Cox may be finally scoring a win in his crackdown on naked short selling.

    But he's still not getting much credit for it.

    The number of stocks that are victims of so-called naked shorting has plummeted several-fold in recent weeks.

    Data published by the Nasdaq stock exchange, for example, show just 56 stocks on its naked short selling watch list this week, compared with almost 500 at the start of the SEC's ban on naked short selling a list of 1,000 stocks.

    The New York Stock Exchange and Amex are seeing similar trends, sources tell The Post.

    The plunge comes on the heels of Cox's crackdown on shorting and illegal naked short selling, which he's blamed for much of Wall Street's recent woes.

    Naked short selling occurs when traders sell a stock short without owning it for extended periods of time. In some cases, that may be perfectly legal, but usually it's not. Under long-held rules, traders are required to formally borrow stocks targeted for shorting within three days - so long as the shares are available for loan.

    Concerned that the three-day rule was being widely ignored, Cox put his foot down in September and said the SEC will start imposing penalties on people who failed to actually borrow shorted stock within the required time period.

    But even though the number of stocks on naked short selling watch lists has plummeted, few on Wall Street are patting Cox on the back.

    Quite the contrary, the attitude seems to be more of frustration that the problem was so easily resolvable.

    Even NYSE Euronext CEO Duncan Niederauer took a jab at Cox's handling of this issue recently.

    Speaking before an audience last week, Niederauer lauded Cox's penalty, calling it the "best thing we could have done." But he also criticized the SEC's coming late to the game, saying the previous rules "were not adequately enforced."

    Other Wall Streeters attribute the plunge in naked short sales to simple economics, saying short sellers are merely finding it cheaper to cover their shorts amid the severe drop in stock prices.

    Meanwhile, efforts to take more serious actions against short selling continued yesterday with a referendum in South Dakota to crack down on short selling.

    If the mandate is passed, it could spread to other states.

    It could also lead to an extended legal battle with the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association, which says it will immediately seek a preliminary injunction to block the measure and then proceed to court to stop the law from taking effect.

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    11/06 Pre-Market Trade Reporting

    Last: $ .3047
    High: $ .32
    Volume: 2,076,204
    Low: $ .26

    Lots of shares traded...could this be in anticipation of monday's CC

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    can anyone explain why this stock trades so many shares daily…and the pps seems flat?

    ...who is doing all the buying or selling?

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    day traders. With $20 000 you can buy and sell shares, and if you only make half a cent per transaction you still make off with a profit of $300. Just do that 10 times per day and make good money.

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    Thanks Mario for your response about day trading multiple buy sell orders all day.

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