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Thread: Directed Electronics to Exit Satellite Radio Business

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    XM always had the best technology and their chips ran so much cooler.....

    DEIX has some good brand names like Polk....too bad the consumer market for home stereo and car alarms etc. is so sucky right now...

    DEIX is in the bargain basement right now - just like SIRI....

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    Thanks for your gave me more insight about the differences in equipment and the circumstances.

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    So this is one of those positives that could be spun into a negative?

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    I am new to this forum but I have been reading it for while. Finally today I have question for you guys. If Sirius is looking for new distributors and working on synergies, why did Direct Electronics make this announcement and not Sirius ?

    It makes it sounds like doing business with Sirius is a bad deal.

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    Siriusowner: Welcome to the Forums! Don't lurk, join us!

    As far as the announcment, it was not a "material" development, thus it was not required to be announced. It probably (and now definately) was going to be talked about at the conference call on Monday, and thus they were going to wait until then to release any info on it. In addition to that, based on the forecasts that were released today, it sounds like Mel and co. have been busy working on financing. As the release was not required, it got pushed to the back burner.

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    DEIX gains 25 percent, though still in the toilet

    DEIX posted a 25 percent gain today closing at 34 cents a share. Investors viewed it as a positive move by DEIX to end its SIRIUS business. DEIX will rake in some money when they pawn off existing junk inventory on the new supplier.

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