It's not really a "direct" competitor as it is focusing on TV. However it will come with 20 satellite radio channels.

As I said, maybe not a "direct" competitor, but yet another company competing for content/entertainment space in the car. Makes that incredibly long FCC approval process seem even more like total BS.

Maybe not the best time to come out with something like this. 1300.00 satellite costs and "around" 28 per month subscription fees.

Mel and company seriously need to get there sh1t together soon. I keep thinking that they have been waiting for the worst of the economic news to pass (I know it is still and will continue to be bad) as well as waiting for the next president to get elected. I wouldn't look for a CC until next week just to give the presidential news a chance to die down.

I'm ok with Mel waiting to come out with new marketing. Holiday season is all about impulse buying. I'm still hoping they come out with marketing that kicks off hard during the football games on Thanksgiving. Busiest shopping day is the day after Thanksgiving.

If they can't execute well during this holiday season... I don't know.

I did buy more today at .28. Amazing how little it costs to buy 6300 shares. Average down to 1.70.