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Thread: Major institutional cost basis?

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    Major institutional cost basis?

    Was checking the Nasdaq site and wondered if some of you smarter folks could figure out what the cost basis is of the major shareholders. Just trying to get a handle on what kind of buyout might satisfy them. If this is even possible.


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    I'm not one of the smarter folks, but I did compile and consolidate all of the SIRI information on the nasdaq site with the SIRI information on the mffais site. What I found was this:

    Total Institution Shares Held: 1,103,502,955
    Total Outstanding Shares: 3,176,663,555
    % Shares Held by Institions: 34.738
    Institutions Holding : 372

    I sent my data to Investor Relations for comment on accuracy since they were quoting 54% as their % of institutional holdings. All I got back from Shirley was that I needed to dig through all the 13f filings on the SEC site. I checked out the site and I don't think that is reasonably possible.

    spanyo, I know it doesn't answer your question specifically about their cost basis, but thought my findings might be of interest as well.

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    Thanks Otone. All info is useful.

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