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Thread: SIRI Intraday Updates for the Week of 11/03/08

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    JetBlue Expands in the Empire State: Airline Now Largest Carrier At Westchester County Airport
    Nov. 3, 2008

    "All JetBlue service from Westchester County is operated with quiet, fuel-efficient, and full-size jets that boast 36 channels of DIRECTV(r) programming at every seat -- the most free live television of any airline -- in addition to more than 100 channels of XM Satellite Radio, all-leather seating, and industry-leading legroom."

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    Mel Karmazin needs to save this dog....

    Animal Charity Takes a Star-Studded Silent Auction Online

    "Sponsors of the DogCatemy Celebrity Gala include Red Carpet/Presenting Sponsor Rachael Ray Nutrish and supporting sponsors Antares InformationTechnologies, Mel Karmazin Foundation, Frontline Plus, Physicians'Reciprocal Insurers, Fifth Avenue Veterinary Specialists, Dog Fancy, Cat Fancy and City Tails"

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    Blame the lawsuit you guys wanted, drove the stock off the Clift, hope you wanted to save the stock, ya killed it

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    This lawsuit is KILLING the stock price. Why would Mel ANNOUNCE to the world that he wanted to take the company private if he really were? Wouldn't he keep it secret? Maybe he wanted to make the company seem attractive to potential buyers... The lawsuit is all over the headlines on the company news...

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    Does anyone know what cause and affect is with stock prices? I'm sorry to say but this lawsuit is not the cause of the share price going down. It's something else. Does anyone know what it is?

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    Time is now to buy buy buy

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    After mass firing
    Korean workers come to the source

    By Deirdre Griswold
    New York
    Published Nov 2, 2008

    When 300 women workers who manufactured SIRIUS satellite radios in Seoul, South Korea, were all fired for forming a union, they vowed to fight for their jobs.

    That was on Aug. 5, 2005—more than three years ago—and they are still fighting.

    In mid-October, a delegation of six people from the Korean Metalworkers Union visited New York to seek justice from SIRIUS. For days, they and allies from Korean community and labor groups picketed the firm’s corporate headquarters in a gleaming glass and steel building near Rockefeller Center, trying in vain to get the company to sit down with them. They wanted to know who was responsible for the decision by SIRIUS’s Korean affiliate, Kiryung, to fire the workers.

    “On June 7, 2008, Kiryung had come to a tentative agreement to reinstate us as contingent workers,” Hyewon Chong, one of those fired, told Workers World. “We would become regular workers one year later, so the union agreed. But then the company said its board of directors refused. So the workers started a hunger strike. Two of the women fasted for 94 days and were hospitalized.

    “During the bargaining, Kiryung Co. said it had been told by SIRIUS to close all production lines in South Korea and move to China.

    “They told us lies. They said there were no production lines left in Korea, so we can’t reinstate you. But we investigated and found five other production sites. Because the company keeps lying and makes no effort to settle, we’ve come here.”

    The women found out that at exactly the same time they left South Korea, the company sent goons to the site of the workers’ sit-in outside the factory gates to beat people up.

    More than 64 percent of all workers in South Korea are considered “precarious”—that is, they have no contract, no seniority and no rights. The Federation of Korean Industries argues that it has to be able to fire workers at will in order to be “flexible.”

    A major reason the Kiryung workers decided to form a union was the company’s arbitrary firing policy. “There was an endless stream of dismissals for the pettiest reasons,” explained Chong. “The boss just had to say he didn’t like your face, or you were too fat, or you had asked to go home early. We were dying of overwork but were afraid to take a day off if we were sick, so people took over-the-counter drugs to keep working. When one colleague collapsed, the boss said, ‘Go home and rest and don’t bother to come back.’ The fear of firing gave the company lots of control over people.”

    SIRIUS makes satellite radio receivers and has contracts with some of the world’s biggest auto companies to install them in its cars and trucks. It also provides commercial-free programming for a fee and recently merged with its main rival, XM, to create the second-largest subscription media business in the U.S.

    “The repression against us is so extreme because this struggle is symbolic for millions,” says Chong. Indeed, companies like SIRIUS think they can dictate horrendous wages and working conditions all over the globe, threatening to move from country to country if workers organize and resist.

    The Kiryung workers traveled halfway around the world to reach out for support. Workers here and their unions will be advancing their own struggle against rapacious corporations by responding.

    Articles copyright 1995-2008 Workers World. Verbatim copying and distribution of this entire article is permitted in any medium without royalty provided this notice is preserved.

    Workers World, 55 W. 17 St., NY, NY 10011
    Support independent news

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    Chris Jericho Speaks on His Relationship with Vince, Family Life, More

    "I got fired by XM radio because I was insulting Oprah. That damn Oprah got me axed from XM radio,”

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    Sirius Shareholders Sue Sirius XM Radio Management

    November 3, 2008
    A group of Sirius shareholders, upset with CEO Mel Karmazin and the state of satcaster stock, have filed a lawsuit against Sirius XM Radio management. The group, calling themselves "Save Sirius," accuses the satellite radio company's management of violating the Federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO), Breach of the Fiduciary Duty and The Sherman Act. It also seeks to prevent Sirius XM from "further damaging its shareholders with massive amounts of additional dilution" of its stock, including the potential "reverse split" of its stock.

    "We are working to gain control of our company by seeking to remove current members of the board as well as top executive Mel Karmazin," said Save Sirius spokesperson Michael Hartleib. He also references a Wall Street Journal interview with Karmazin from September, where the CEO mentioned he would consider taking Sirius XM private.

    Hartleib continued in the statement, "It is clear that management under Mr. Karmazin's leadership has an agenda to steal this company from its shareholders." He added, "In light of the aforementioned, it is clear that they have lost sight of their obligations to shareholders and have breached and will continue to breach their fiduciary duties in the future. We, as a group, will not stand for this and will use any means possible to prevent and preclude them from stealing this company from its rightful owners -- we the shareholders."

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    You can view the entire lawsuit at this orbicast link..
    you will see download doc to read it all.

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