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Thread: XM made top 10 Christmas Gadget List!

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    XM made top 10 Christmas Gadget List!

    This cant hurt! On my Yahoo home page this morning. Top ten holiday gift ideas!

    Good to get some exposure.

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    Nice find. Thanks.

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    Good stuff.

    I personally think they should rank higher based on cost. How many of us are buying friends or family members laptops and flat screen tv's? I don't know about you guys but I don't spend $1k+ on presents on people outside of my household but I will spend a hundo and that is about what it costs to get a decent satellite radio setup at this point. Satrad really is the perfect gift and I am not saying that because I run this site... it just is what it is.
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    I went to walmart and found just 2 OLD bad there is very little if any inventory to sell at most electronic stores.

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    AWSOME!!! take that wankie you putzz. if we can get in the apple and a few more things we are gold!!!! can you say BUMP.. thru x-mass..

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    Would be nice if they promoted the newer units. Nice to see some exposure. We also were in Crutchfield and as a must have for the holiday season.

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