Ok, bought a SIR-PNR2 Under the dash unit made to go with my Pioneer deck in my Ford Ranger about 3 years ago, yet never got around to installing. (Bought as used item from Reseller on Ebay)

Got a new Pioneer deck (which also works with this unit), and had Sirius unit installed at same time.

Minute I fired it up, was expecting to get channel 184, and info to call sirius with Unit number and credit card to subscribe and get radio activated. Instead, I am getting full service, with all the channels (No XM stations).

Should I even risk calling them to register it under my name? (In fear that they disable the service, and make me start paying) I ask, because it would be nice to get the Sirius internet channels available when on my PC inside the house.

Could the previous owner have bought a lifetime package for the radio itself?

Thanks ahead of time for any advice or comments.

Glad to finally be a listener, and yet another busy forum to participate in.