Sirius XM got mentioned on Fast Money's "POPS & DROPS" segment after POPPING 40 % in one day.

And of COURSE the stock still gets no love.

Mackey even bragged that he had both Sirius AND XM in his cars and he loved the service...but then proceeded to BASH the STOCK.

Same with Cramer...who NEVER even mentions Sirius anymore. But even as he did a 180 and started bashing the stock...he praised the service.

There is SUCH a disconnect between the product and the stock.

I'm beginning to wonder if refinancing the debt will erase it. My fear is that this hatred for the stock is SO ingrained in the minds of wall street that it will take an act of GOD to change people's attitudes towards it.

I mean if a stock shoots up 40% on a day when MOST of the market is down...and gets no love....WHAT WILL IT TAKE????

I know we are still in the pennies....but COME ON.