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Thread: Apple needs Sirius/XM in the iPod...

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    Apple needs Sirius/XM in the iPod...

    Look at this chart of the iPod's sales decline as a percentage of Apples revenue...


    Satellite radio in the iPod would boost sales huge. Apple could buy SIRI if it wanted to. They would probably manage it better...

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    With all due respect, NO they don't.

    It is SIRIUS that NEEDS to create a BETTER ONLINE radio interface like Rhapsody for the ipod.

    Being an artist, I've been the biggest "Apple Head" for years...waaay before they became so "hot" with the mainstream....and if there is ONE thing I know, it's Steve Jobs.

    This "fantashy" of a "satellite ipod" is NOT going to it's best to put that out of your mind.

    Apple will wait until WIFI is EVERYWHERE before they make their thin ipods thicker to hold a satellite receiver.

    I've said this before, but Sirius needs to take the likes of Rhapsody MORE seriously and go head to head with them. YES Sirius has better content....but they NEED to create a better online experience to better compete with Rhapsody and others like it. They NEED to get an OFFICIAL program on the itunes app store for SiriusXM right AWAY.

    This and the COMPLETE LACK of advertising is KILLING us just as surely as being in limbo about the debt refinancing right now.

    The PUBLIC needs to SEE some cool ads. They NEED to be SHOWN how COOL Sirius is. How much BETTER it is than Rhapsody. But there is absolutely ZERO exposure out there for them. I am sorry, but a little "BLURB" in a car commercial mentioning Sirius IS NOT ENOUGH!!!!

    ANd WHEN they mention Sirius....they ONLY mention Sirius!!!! NO ONE OUT THERE KNOWS THAT THEY'VE MERGED WITH XM. NOBODY!!!

    Where are the COOL commercials featuring Brett Favre promoting the NFL on Sirius XM??? Where are the creative tv spots featuring top music personalities hawking the COOLNESS that is Sirius XM???

    Mel should be digging into his own pocket to at least put SOMETHING out there!!! Yes it'd cost MILLIONS. But NOT advertising is COSTING us MILLIONS too!!! Millions in lost revenue AND subscribers.

    There is a CRAP LOAD of people out there who have NO idea about Sat radio. The SEED NEEDS to be planted.

    WHAT are they waiting for? Interoperable radios??? Thats 3 FRIGGIN YEARS AWAY!!!! They could start NOW. They could PROMOTE that a la carte is HERE NOW!!! That BEST OF is here NOW!!! That Sirius and XM are ONE NOW!!!

    They MUST eliminate the CONFUSION and LIMBO we've been in for years. THEY FINALLY get what they wanted, a MERGED company....and they don't FRIGGIN ADVERTISE??!?!!?!?!?!?


    Lol. Ok. I'm done with my rant. But THIS is probably my BIGGEST post merger pet peeve....the COMPLETE AND UTTER LACK OF ADVERTISING THE PRODUCT.

    How else is the impressionable youth supposed to adopt Sirius XM as the MUST HAVE item?

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    i have sirius on my iPhone already. Battery drains too fast. I can listgen for about 4 hours

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    What app are you using for that? Is it a jailbreak app? There is nothing on the app store yet. I thought all iPhone apps had to be approved by Apple. I heard that they could be whiped out when you update the phone...
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    yeah its jailbroken. I just dont update the phone. Once jailbroken theres 1000's of free apps for it. uSirius is the best A sirius sub is still required to listen so Im not stealing from Sirius.
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    I thought it was jailbreaked...

    That new Starplayr app should be out soon....

    You may need those iPhone updates someday...

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