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Thread: Represenative at Stockholders Meeting

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    Represenative at Stockholders Meeting

    Why don't we as a group send a Represenative to the stockholders meeting and ask the questions we would like the answers to?

    We could submit a list of questions to one person, that list would be corralated and the most ask question would be first follow by the rest in order of times asked and or importance.

    The final list could be published here prior to the meeting.

    The Represenative could ask the questions on our behalf at the meeting. They could also state the numbers of shares total they are representing at the meeting if agreeable to everyone.

    The cost of the hotel, air fare, transportation, and meals could be paid by all of us that would like to support this action.We could collect the money prior to the meeting so nobody gets stuck.

    Perhaps Tyler or someone else would volunteer to be our Represenative at this meeting.

    Maybe then, we would have an idea of the impact on the shareholders of the reverse split, the issue of more shares, and the loans that need to be serviced.



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    I support this idea.

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    I think that this is a great idea. It would be nice to actually have someone there voicing our concerns and asking the tough questions that we want answered. Count me in.
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    Sounds good to me ,cant afford the trip from fla now because of the poor share price. 28 thousand shares here that need a voice

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    If the 3 qtr cc does not answer some of the questions we have, we could at that time bring this suggestion up again and see if Tyler or someone else would like to go and ask the tough questions.

    If the mangement of SiriusXM will not come on the SiriusBuzz radio program, then we can go to them at the stockholders conference.

    If enough people got on board it would not cost that much to send someone. I was hoping a lot more people would respond, so we could get an idea of the cost per person.



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    I'm all for it....

    Great idea, count me in.

    Maybe we can start a private email string on this forum amongst those of us who think this is a great idea and we can come up with divided costs,then put our heads together regarding aggregate questions that we would all want to have answered. Once all is said anf done, we could have an insider write a detailed report and post it on this forum for everyone to see.

    If you're with me.....someone take the lead (I unfortately cannot at this time), but I am happy to contribute.


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    Michael Hartlieb is attending the Shareholder Conference. I'm sure he would bring the questions for us.

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    If you are looking for a hostile environment to respond to your questions, by all means give them to Michael. If you are looking for a dialogue with management, send someone else IMO.

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    38 cents a share I think there will be others that are not pleased as well! I don't think I will be the only one. Dispite the HUGE move up today! Jmm give me a call sometime, I think you will find that I am not as bad as you think.


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    I really don't necessarily agree with your methods. They may be in my best interest, but IMO they seem poorly timed. Either way, my point still is relevant. Nothing against you personally, but Sirius has had dealings with you previously and I didn't think they would welcome you with open arms.

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