Why don't we as a group send a Represenative to the stockholders meeting and ask the questions we would like the answers to?

We could submit a list of questions to one person, that list would be corralated and the most ask question would be first follow by the rest in order of times asked and or importance.

The final list could be published here prior to the meeting.

The Represenative could ask the questions on our behalf at the meeting. They could also state the numbers of shares total they are representing at the meeting if agreeable to everyone.

The cost of the hotel, air fare, transportation, and meals could be paid by all of us that would like to support this action.We could collect the money prior to the meeting so nobody gets stuck.

Perhaps Tyler or someone else would volunteer to be our Represenative at this meeting.

Maybe then, we would have an idea of the impact on the shareholders of the reverse split, the issue of more shares, and the loans that need to be serviced.