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Thread: Buzz Radio "Special" Guests Should be Special

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    Buzz Radio "Special" Guests Should be Special

    Over on the News webpage Shark correctly pointed out that under the WorldSpace article most of the posts, including one that I added, had nothing to do with Tyler's article. For that I apologize because Shark made a good point. To make amends I for one will try to keep my general SIRI posts in the Forum, unless a News article applies specifically to the stock. As a starter, below, I have copied my SIRI related post from under the WorldSpace article to here, with some clean-up edits. I wonder what others think about the suggestion that follows:

    Sure would like to learn that the special guest on the next SIRIbuzz radio show is Mel (with his legal counsel in his ear is fine) or any of his key C’s (CFO especially), or the canned CitiG analyst Tony, or that GS hack Mark. No more litigant wanna-be’s, whiners and other time wasters on the show, PLEASE. OR … I’d like to see BuzzRadio air thoughts about the stock coming from an interested, bona fide investigative journalist from a reputable pub such as the WSJ, IW, Barrons, or the like. While the dialogs on this board and the radio show are entertaining, I seek facts at a critical time (Sell, Hold, Buy?). At .25 centavos SIRI is a dark joke for those of us that got in and averaged down based on what have been leveled as executive lies. I remain on hold, avg’d down to 1.15 on a relative bucket load of shares–and very disappointed in Sirius XM management. I know they can do better and they damn well should for the coin they pocket. Further alienating a massive number of forlorn shareholders/subscribers is not smart. Mel, if he has the moral courage, should accept an opportunity to come on the show with some rules prearranged of course and answer some of the charges made against him and his circle. Hearing him provide candid answers to legitimate questions on [Brandon's and Tyler's] show could turn my sentiment positive, and it could have a much-needed positive effect at a far broader level. It could not do much worse to what already has been [done] to the stock’s value. On the other hand, I will expect the worst if Mel continues to skulk in the shadows until the shareholder meeting (by which time SIRI may well be on the pink sheets). Brandon and Tyler, if you truly want to represent us longs then at least contact and offer Mel the invite. If you could swing the event, give us lead time to prepare questions. We could submit our questions ahead of time to you by email. If he accepts, then on the show one or, preferably, both of you could get some answers directly from Mel on our behalf. Compiling and sending him questions in advance would help him prepare to respond and feel more comfortable. The show could even exclude or limit callers’ questions to limit the risk of someone hijacking the show (I’m thinking Hartleib or someone else with an agenda–although they too could submit questions in advance.) You could screen for questions in common and boil them down to a set that can be asked and answered within the show’s time limit. You could determine the top five to 10 questions that longs most want answered, prioritize them and ask them in priority order so we get answers to the most important ones before time expires on the show. I believe that all of us greatly want to know WTF Mel WILL do [to] move SIRI north. Will you accept the mission? If no, then try to get one of the other guests suggested above.
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