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    Question reception indoors

    Hi everyone I have a Stilletto 100, and a home dock for it. I work in a auto manufacturing plant and there is no way I could get an antenna onto the roof, or out a door. How can I get reception inside? I am near a doorway that is open sometimes however I can not run an antenna cable up, or on the floor to get outside. Do they make an antenna that does not use a cable, like a digital signal that I could put up outside and get the signal inside? Thank you.

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    This website probably can help you.

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    I have a friend that is able to get reception from his Stilletto inside an office building in downtown Rochester NY, he doesn't sit near a window either. He actually can get live reception anywhere in the building, must be a repeater nearby that's boosting the signal....

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    Get one of these or something like it......problem solved.

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    The Echo may help but may not

    The Echo transmitter will work only if two things are present:
    1. You have a way to power it.
    2. You are about 75 feet or less from your receiver.

    The 75 feet quickly gets shorter if you have to transmit through floors/walls etc.

    Sometimes you are better off with antenna extenders. Although the package tells you can only use 2 of them for 100 ft max, I've personally used 5 and extended the reach close to 300 feet.

    Other options are to put a fm transmitter to the radio to re-broadcast up to 1 mile distance to a FM radio.

    My suggestion is to post this question over at the DRC ( ) there are a lot of people who have knowledgable about this unit as well as other solutions who can give you some help.
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    The Stilletto receives WIFI - have you tried accessing a WIFI signal where you work yet?

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