Here is a question that I will put to the board. Why hasn't Michael submitted "Proposals Of Security Holders" under rule 14a-8 to be included in the Preliminary Proxy Statement submitted by the company under rule 14a-6??? I am not a lawyer, but if you or I were involved in ongoing litigation with the company during the merger, during the merger appeal period, and after, wouldn't you follow Proxy Statement Rules and assure that your concerns could be included in a timely filing to the company so that all shareholders would have access to the information when the company files its Proxy Statement.

Rule 14a-8 provides shareholders who disagree, or agree but want other considerations voted on at the annual meeting, a way to have those issues included in the Proxy Statement.

I find that Michael Hartlieb has not exercised and exhausted all avenues in voicing his concerns through existing channels, that under SEC rules, require the company to include or put into writing their reasons for not including his shareholder concerns. You will find that any shareholder could have done this. I think the period for submission of concerns has expired. If I, a layman at best, can research through Google with a few clicks and find this information, certainly a shareholder with legal representation should have known about this.

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