not that anyone cares, but I sold half my position for huge loss. I do feel a little bit better to finally let go of the stress and worry. The other half is going to be with me for a while and when I do sell I will always keep 1 share to remind me never to make the investment mistakes I made with siri again.

I used that money to increase my position in another investment.

I am going to take off on the 18th and go to that meeting and hit the bar right afterwards....well see if mell will spring for the tab

I also think i am going to cancel my service, I love it but screw them I will download Howard like everyone else.

I will also try to only look at this stock on Thursdays only, I like siriusbuzz radio, funny, as great as this site is and all the hard work everyone puts into it, I almost wish i never found it if I was stuck in the yahoo message boards I would have been scared out of this stock a while ago.

This site is like a drug I will have to force myself not to look at it 10 times a day (guys you are on to something I wish you would give your input on other stocks.

go Yankees

sox suck