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Thread: SIRI closed at 25 cents today......your thoughts?

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    16:37 $ .25 2,049,617

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    16:05 $ .25 1,084,017

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    I think this stock will do exactly what Mel wants it to do. Private, BK, takeover or long term rebound. Only he knows and he ain't saying. Right now this is a crapshoot. So everyone just hold on. To sell now would defeat us all.

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    Its a uneasy thing to every night check my stock and see another -12% down... But untill we see hard facts that debt can be payed and we have a proffit the pressure builds and we go down...

    I so want to but more at .25$ but i think what the plan is to dilute shares and pay off debt then do a reverse split at 1-50 .. Untill then i need a beer and some tylenol..peace

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    We are looking for a positive press release & this is what they come up with:

    Press Release Source: SIRIUS XM Radio

    SIRIUS XM Radio to Broadcast Frightfully Festive Halloween Programming
    Thursday October 23, 4:18 pm ET

    "Alfred Hitchcock Radio" to broadcast selection of suspenseful radio dramas

    "SIRIUS Scream 113" and "XM Gore 134" are entire channels dedicated to the spooky sounds of Halloween


    NEW YORK, Oct. 23 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- SIRIUS XM Radio (Nasdaq: SIRI - News) today announced that it will air extensive spooky, creative and classic Halloween programming. Two entire channels, SIRIUS Scream 113 and XM Gore 134, will be devoted to broadcasting spooky Halloween sound effects, as well as the Alfred Hitchcock Radio channel devoted to suspenseful radio dramas, including three directed by the Hollywood master himself......

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    just a bit of quick context

    I was looking thru my brokerage account records last night just and saw a couple of trades that help give a bit of context to this absolute hurricane of fear that is out there in the markets right now... I purchased Valero in early 2006, and sold it early last fall for about $72 per share... look at it now, last time i checked it was about $18 per share. Nothing about the company is shakey or all that speculative, but it is off by 75%.... SiriusXM has issued nothing in terms of quidance that deserves this type of beating... it is all in what you the shareholders think and act on. You can count on this becoming an opportunity for somebody at these levels, most of the investors that hang tough or average in at these levels will end up compensated to some extent, hopefully a large extent. The sad truth to wanting a big return is that markets like this happen and it is hard, hard, hard to wait for real information to make judjements with while the blood runs in the streets.

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    Google Finance page shows SIRI with 15 percent institutional ownership. There was someone here saying that inst. ownership was 45 percent or so. Big discrepancy. Do any principals here know the scoop?

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    Only a guess, because we have not seen the combined institutional ownership #'s, but XM was majority held by institutions at one time, so combined they likely would have been much higher than 15%, but who knows now with all this selling.

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    Declining stock prices

    Krypto1 - Your comments in regards to "quick bit of context" is appreciated and definitely makes some people stop and think about it.

    I on the other hand have invested in similar times, specifically '87 and 2000-2002 and I will tell you that if you try and catch a bottom on these things when they are dumping like this is financial suicide.

    It's funny how quickly people forget.

    I love how brokers and those on CNBC and other financial outlets like to tell people that they should be buying and that there are steals at these prices. They will probably be right in the super long term. The problem is that in the meantime people are getting wiped out. I can't tell you how many people were saying to buy, buy, buy when the DJIA was at 11,100 approx. They said, "wow, we are 20% down from the highs and that typically marks the bottom of a bear market."

    Well look at us now. Down another 3,000 points. Do we buy now? Maybe. But for anyone to tell you that things will be fine doesn't know.

    For you to say that you traded a stock at $72 and now it's $18 and the "Nothing about the company is shakey or all that speculative, but it is off by 75%", maybe that stock like all stocks was way overpriced and overvalued. Keep in mind that we have been running a deficit for the last 8 years and have functioned primarily off of credit.

    Anyways, if anyone wants to know what there stock is really worth, run the numbers. Lots of revenue but lots more of expenses. This leaves zero earnings per share. So what are we really paying for? We're paying for the hopes that this great technology will take off and we will have earnings driving the share price higher. Until then we're only investing in potential. Potential is very different than earnings. Highly speculative. And when you speculate you have to be prepared to get burned.

    BTW - Long Sirius at much higher prices.

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    deewcom, I mentioned that Investor Relations told me a couple days ago that it was 54 percent for the combined companies, so I guess XM brought in a lot of institutional ownership. I don't know how current/accurate that figure is right now. Just going by what IR told me.

    Tyler also used that figure (54%) on the radio show today, so maybe he knows where to find the numbers.

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