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Thread: SIRI closed at 25 cents today......your thoughts?

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    *Sorry about formatting on bottom set of numbers
    SiriusHope: From my e-trade account. It shows 18% ownership. Am really curious where you, Investor Relations, and Tyler get their 54% number.

    Total Number of Shares Held 595,960,588
    Large Block Owners 312
    Percent Shares Owned 18.00%
    Percent Change in Ownership 2.00%

    0.40% Brokerage Firms
    16.10% Investment Managers
    1.50% Strategic Entities
    82.00% Non-Institutional

    Regional Holdings
    North America 16.30%
    Europe 0.90%
    Unknown 0.60%

    Monthly Share Rotation
    Type Number of Shares Value of Change Shares Outstanding
    Buyers 10/23/08 12,025,562 $6,854,568 0.30%
    Sellers 10/23/08 338,761 $193,095 0.00%

    Concentration of Shares Held
    18.00% All Institutions
    17.70% Top 50 Institutions
    14.70% Top 20 Institutions
    12.60% Top 10 Institutions

    82.00% Other Owners

    Name Shares Held Position Value % of TotalHoldings Outstanding Shares Owned
    Apollo Investment Management 91.9 M $153.4 M 15.41 17.22%
    Barclays Global Investors, 35.1 M $68.0 M 5.89 7.64%
    ClearBridge Advisors 34.0 M $65.9 M 5.70 7.40%
    Jennison Associates LLC 47.6 M $63.3 M 7.98 7.11%
    Karmazin (Mel) 24.5 M $70.0 M 4.12 7.86%
    Nasdaq-100 Trust (QQQ) 17.8 M $56.8 M 2.98 6.37%
    OppenheimerFunds, Inc. 71.0 M $137.6 M 11.92 15.46%
    State Street Global Advisors 21.2 M $41.1 M 3.56 4.62%
    TIAA-CREF 11.4 M $22.2 M 1.92 2.49%
    Vanguard Group, Inc. 39.7 M $77.0 M 6.67 8.65%
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    Let's see we have 12%, 15%, 18%, and 54%.

    What is the actual number?

    We need some clarity!

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    Exactly! We don't have one single fact with this stock. Need to start somewhere and finding out what the percentage of institutional investment is, is a good place to start.

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    lol !

    i'm going around the house and cleaning out my car looking for quarters. with in mind knowing every one i find is a share of SIRI . hopefully it'll get down to dimes , found lots of those. i'm gonna make two more large purchases before Christmas and make a wish. funny thing being new to the market , so far i've lost an average of 55% of all my stocks , that i purchased at the same time. ( wouldn't be this low if i didn't have SIRI stocks ) in august i decided to teach english in thailand for 2009. i needed something to keep me busy while i'm there so i purchased stocks for the first time. i figure it'll be fun to ride the roller coaster and eventually earn extra cash and plan for my financial future.

    my first time purchases - Beyond Petroleum -
    Microsoft -
    Applied Materials -
    Sirius XM -

    out of these four , i was the most passionate for SIRI , and did my research and let my optimistic inhibitions get the best of me. does that make me a loser. yes it does ! considering i bought it at $ 2.25 a share , " sooo----
    ooooooooo i'm a loser baby , so why don't cha kill me "

    i'm bored

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    OTONE...go to and insert SIRI then click on holders.

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    The inst. numbers in the teens come from Sirius pre-merger. I do not think they have accurate combined numbers yet.

    54% comes from 75% (or so) inst. ownership for XM combined with the 18% (or so) inst owership of Sirius. If you look at share counts and the conversions of those XM shares, the numbers end up somewhere around 54%.

    I did the math on this on Yahoo a while back. I do not think it is accurate anymore, but is where I believe the 54% comes from.

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    FWIW, I do believe that all of the sources are basing the number on estimates following closing of the merger. Some of them did the conversion of XM shares to Sirius, others just have it based on the last 13F filing for Sirius -- which was a pre merger filing.

    The problem is that there have been no 13F filings yet since the merger closed. Scratch that, the 13F filings that have been filed are based on holdings as of 6/30/08, which of course is before the merger closed -- so none of these sources are likely even close.

    You will have your more accurate answer in about 3 weeks -- as current 13F filings are due for holdings as of 9/30/08.

    IMHO, the estimate will be much more than 20%, but probably lower than 50% -- because so many institutions dumped after the price tanked. But this is pure speculation on my part.

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    13F Filings are due by November 14th, so you should start to see fluctuations in the ownership % over the next 3 weeks... then have a rough idea after that date.

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    SiriusHope, thanks for that. Jmm232 and Homer thanks as well.
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