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Thread: SIRI closed at 25 cents today......your thoughts?

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    SIRI closed at 25 cents today......your thoughts?

    SIRI closed at 25 cents today.......

    Please post your thoughts about why the stock is here and where you think it's going.

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    Quarter price

    wow... I can not believe this piece of shit. 50 to 1 stock reverse split might not have been big enough. The will be a dime soon... Well I have accepted that my position in this stock is lost. I won' check the price again until Thanksgiving...

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    Sirius is down 92% since November 4, 2004.

    Does anyone know the significance of this date.

    I wish that I could find the total number of shares on that date.

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    what do you think our thought are?!?!?!

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    It is going down only to go way up. The rich will get filthy rich. I envy anyone with cash right now. The bottom will be determined by how greedy the rich are and how frightened the poor are.

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    Long ago in galaxy far far away

    "help us O-B1 , your our only hope. "

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    If I decide to fly to NY for the December conference, it will not be to listen to what Mel has to say. I will be seeking to knock both Mel's and Blalock's teeth out at a cost of $275,000. I'll take the arrest.

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    25 cents is pathetic, sad, ridiculous, criminal, embarrassing and needs to be investigated asap.

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    Now that would be unsophisticated! /s

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    I've still got cash. Dumped some more in at the "firesale" price of .38 just the other day. Hmmmm... lets see, loss of 35% in a few days.

    Don't care how much lower it goes now. Not buying anymore. If they don't go BK, I'll throw some more in after the reverse split and dilution.

    total and udder suckage.

    SiriusXMInvestor - dude I know you are super pissed, but be careful of what you say, no matter how you feel.

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