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Thread: Am I Crazy...or what?

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    Mel said some stupid things. That is, they were stupid things to say if he wanted to keep the SP up. The underestimation of subscriber increase - what did he say 18.5? What other stupid thing did he say? Many Unsophisticated Investors. Does that mean that we should be ripped off?

    Paraphrasing: I hope I don't have to lend the company the money myself.

    If Mel does speak, his shareholders have a right to expect intelligible dialogue and the expectation that he doesn't damage his own company by making careless remarks.

    We have a right to expect to hear what his plans are to inprove the share price.

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    deewcom, I'm not disagreeing with any of what you are saying. My point is unless he has financing taken care of in a way that will be received as Good News, it doesn't matter how you dress up the "Fat Lady" she is gonna sing.

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    I just think the debt in Feb may be a tad rough on us, but shouldn't need a split or anything to achieve it. Then they say they will extend the may debt and it certainly seems there will be plenty of cash through synergies and profits to pay off the december debt outright.

    I say don't believe the hype, sure hope Im not crazy, and I really hope that the silence and the hype is geared to driving the price down so we can accumulate and then Mel comes out and says "See I made the stock holders rich, just like I planned"

    Its just at the .25 level that is easier to do than if it was at $14 right now.

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