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Thread: Am I Crazy...or what?

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    Am I Crazy...or what?

    I don't think 270 million is a lot of money considering 450 million in synergies (first year alone)

    Profit in '09...

    Am I crazy or what? Stock price should be fine in '09. Say it with me, fine in '09.
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    Fine in '09. Maybe late '09, but fine.

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    I am no genius but I think that although this stock sucks, the company itself possesses a subscriber base large enough to make plenty of money. It's time for them to finally get creative but with 18 million people catching on, you should be able to make some money.
    Charles LaRocca
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    Only the insane would invest in the stock, so we're all crazy.

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    $270 million is not a lot for a company this size. They could cut trivial crap and save that much money. IE a few DJ's, catering, employee expenses, and a few hefty executive paychecks.

    If Mel had any balls at all he would start paying himself $1 per week at this point just like Steve Jobs. If he really believed his own shit, why wouldn't he?

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    Mel said he had all the money he would ever need from his lucrative business deals before SIRI, before CBS, before Infinity. He must be worth at least half a billion dollars. Why is he drawing a salary? That is a valid question.

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    270 Million isn't that much, but 1 billion is.

    They ae cutting out at least 425M & I'd bet Mel will beat this & cut even more. If debt was due starting late 2009 into 2010, then the $ would not be such a big deal because they would have had 9 -12 months to get the synergies out of mergr 1st.

    But this 425M just barely brings them to break even in 2009 before capex of 100M for satellite payment. They could push this off, but this is based on a recession, not a deep, deep recession and credit markets that may have caused their projections to be lowered more.

    I know they supposedly lowballed the #'s, but the economy is so bad, that those are the #'s that may just barely hold up - they may not beat like many think since Mel likes to lower expectations.

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