What should we do about off topic comments in the articles? I am inclined to simply delete or not approve moderated off topic comments but, I will listen to the fans.

I want to be clear that I do not mean comments such as "Tyler is an asshole" (we have no problem with that)... what I do mean is, comments about the market in general or a press release from a financial institution on an article about Howard Stern. I mean truly off topic crap.

I personally find the comments section impossible to follow when 10 of the 40 posts have nothing to do with the article at all. I am not saying that you can't draw relationships between things but I think most of you have noticed that the crap being posted is more off topic chatter then anything else.

It really belongs on the forums but we all know that I can't force people to make their own lives easier and come here. For the life of me I can't figure out why people ask completely irrelevant questions in the comment section of the article when they could post the question here and wind up with an easy to follow answer list. The comment section is for just that... comments! It is not called the conversation/question/off-topic/press release posting section.