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Thread: Is SIRI trying to destroy the shareholders or not?

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    Agreed, and good discourse as usual.

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    Meant the post above for Newman.

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    All of my communications with Michael Harleib have been in writing. The question I have ask him a couple times is listed below.

    I know some of you have talked to him, can any of you shed any light on where he is going and what his motitives are?

    I just don’t understand at this point what the Jeffery P. Fink connection has to do with the current situation and why Mr. Harlieb continues mentioning him.

    What am I missing here?

    Michael Hartleib

    I have written and asked you before if the Current class action suit will be based on the incomptetance of mangement, and to keep the company from being sold public or private at distressed stock prices.

    You answered by saying based on incomptetent mangement.

    However, you keep sending e- mails for us to harass Jeffery P. Fink, and his current attorney.

    It really is begining to look like you want to tie these two together so you can continue you’re fight with this lawyer and your previous suit.

    As I said in my previous letter to you, that war is over and I would not join the class action suit if that was you’re intent.

    I don’t see the connection with Jeffery P. Fink and the current proposed suit. If there is not one fine, if there is please state it.


    michael hartleib wrote:
    Try this link for Ruf law’s attorney. Please give him a call or email. He was hired to protect Mr. Fink for his bogus suit!

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    For those that think a takeover by APOLLO INVESTMENT CO I can say I have held shares of them for some time now and read most of the quarterly conference calls. Now while they are saying they are looking for other investment opportunities that they are looking for things that will give them a cash payout. They are in no position to be buying SIRIXM right now.

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