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Thread: Is SIRI trying to destroy the shareholders or not?

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    Is SIRI trying to destroy the shareholders or not?

    Ok, I listened to the radio show with Michael Hartleib and have heard the theory that management has a plan to take the company private and/or go bankrupt. It's hard for me to be open to this theory without understanding the motive? Without understanding a motive, it seems too conspiracy theory to me. Mel has a bunch of shares and "skin in the game" so to speak. Another board member (Leon) has over 90 million shares. Why would they want their investments to go down? Why would Mel want to screw all the shareholders over? He would want to end his career with this on his record?

    Either he is purposefully trying to screw the shareholders over or he is not - I can't see any middle ground there.

    The stock performance has not matched the company performance. Look at the revenue and sub growth since Mel showed up! He has been cutting costs and growing the company....

    I need some evidence of what the motive would be - before I believe that Mel and the board are trying to tank the stock. What proof is there that he has purposefully tried to tank the stock?

    I already feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone with this stock already......
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