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    New Member old investor

    Ok I have been a small investor in Xm and Sirius from way back. A few years back the stock was all over the board, and I got lucky bought low sold high. Made a few thousand dollars in less then a month and thought this is easy. Now I will be the first to admit I know very little about investing in stocks. Took a crash course in reading about stocks, and opened my Amertade account, and off I went. Now I feel a little like Mac Grubber on Saturday Night live.

    Now I'am getting to my question. What is the real problem with this stock??? I have used the product. I find it usefull. I find it afforable. I see it as a strong product both in rural and large cities. In the present format I don't see a product that may or has the ability to knock this off or make it obsolete anytime soon. So from my prospective as a comsumer it has alot going for it.

    Now from a invester view I'am a little I guess Illitate on why this stock sucks. The Sirius / XM merger had to reduce overhead. It seems the company is on the right track with subscribership all the numbers seem strong. I know the company has not made money EVER, but is moving in the right direction The CEO has shown strong understanding in the past on growing companies and seems very capable. I am about to reinvest 10K as I think this is a bargin at the present price and I think the stock market is about to turn soon. Am I not seeing this correctly

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    There are products and services and there are stocks. It's all about valuation and manipulation. Stocks frequently tend to get overvalued in their early growth stages and then fall into a lower valuation as the business matures and there is even a hint of slowing growth etc. SIRI is a victim of manipulation and the market right now. While they were growing the debt was growing too.

    Now that they are a merged company, I see lots of synergies and even more growth prospects than before, but the market doesn't agree with me. SIRI seems to have been put in the "show me" category by the street. When the synergy and revenue growth numbers start rolling in, the street might not treat it like a show me stock anymore. Did I mention it's being manipulated?

    Securing financing and an iPhone app etc., might turn things around suddenly too.........

    SIRI is way oversold here - way more than the market......

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