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Thread: Has Mel Lied?

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    Has Mel Lied?

    In an interview which aired on CNN Mel stated that:

    "I expect you to believe everything I tell you until I lie to you once and then don't ever believe another word I say".

    The following is a link to the interview.
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    Many times!!!

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    Watched the video. I guess hes right we cant believe him ever again.

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    so far he has not lied about the things that have concerned me so I voted that ill wait and see...

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    as far as I am concerned, he has not lied yet, and I am willing to wait and see what he says in the Q3 conference call.

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    There's a difference between flat out lying and having the answer changed due to various reasons that are outside the control of the company.

    If Karmazin says that he will not do a reverse split and the market sinks hard for various macro issues and it becomes even more difficult for them to obtain financing on a timely basis -- which keeps the stock at a very low level to the point that they could get delisted... then he's forced to do a reverse split, does that mean he lied?

    When Karmazin said that he will not issue a new convertible to the holders of the current maturing ones, because it's not in the best interest of the company -- if he's forced to do it because the debt market tanks, does that mean he lied?

    Of course not. This is business. Things change and answers change... that's why investing is risky. But just because the CEO says one thing then is forced to do something else due to reasons outside of their control... doesn't mean they flat out lied to you.

    Beyond that... like the others, there are things that are important to me and things that are not. I do not believe that he lied to me about the things that are important. The things that are? Nope... businesses have to continue to evolve around what's happening at that specific time. Forecasting the future is one of the most difficult things to do in business sometimes -- especially when the economy is questionable and unpredictable and even more so difficult when you're dealing with a high risk investment that has not turned a profit yet.


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    Wait & See

    Newman, Homer & Demian... It is nice to see some rational thought. To much over the top negativity & paranoia amongst the troops lately. Mel is a good CEO in a tough spot, but he does not want the company to fail and some of the ideas that I read about here on Sirius Buzz are just nutty conspiracy theory stuff. I have actually bought more shares in the past week, and will continue to do so unless the third quarter results show that there is a real problem with the ongoing execution of the integration. I own several small businesses, and know quite a few business owners here in LA... all of us have changed our views with regard to staffing, 2009 revenue projections,capitalization, capital expenditures, ect over the past two months.... we pay Mel to adapt to changes... if he stayed with all previously mentioned plans at all costs, he would be George Bush, and we would never make it through this. The authorizations that will be voted on in December are crucial to minimizing the risk of BK. Glad he is out in front of this as opposed to being reactive & a few bucks short reaching the tipping point that we are all waiting to see.

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