Had an interesting flight back from Japan the other day on United. Looking through the United Entertainment information, I noticed that they had replaced all of their audio programming with XM programming. It obviously wasn't live, but it was XM. Hopefully they keep it and have it branded as SiriusXM in the near future.

I uploaded the 2 pages to an album here on SiriusBuzz. Try and follow this link: http://siriusbuzz.com/forum/album.php?albumid=1 If it works, I guess I've got the first album

I've actually written to Sirius IR about replacing their content on domestic flights with live programming (as I'm guessing many others have). Pretty cool to see it on an international flight.

Also ran across a quick blurb in the Wall Street Journal in an article about parents grooming their kids for greatness in sports by concentrating on 1 sport. At the end of the article, the author writes, "The Martins watched thier kids haul off more hardware, then drove home listening to the golf channel on satellite radio."

There is lots of bellyaching, real or fabricated about everything related to SatRad. Look at the thread on OrbitCast about merging channels to get a taste. The fact is that SatRad is becoming extremely commonplace. Look at xmfan.com and you'll see the number of subscribers increasing fairly quickly to the point that 20million "could" happen by year end (of course, I have no idea how accurate the counter is).

I'm down a HUGE amount... more than I can really fathom. I'm in over 80000 bucks at an average of 1.90 per share; however, I'm going to buy some more at some point.

I guess my point in all this is that my faith in the company hasn't really been shaken. It's been a huge bummer watching this thing tank each time I buy in. I'm only pissed off at myself for buying too early, but hind sight is 20/20 so I only have congrats to those folks that buy in now and make a killing.