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i think this little run is just that...a "little run".

we have all seen this before, and you know whats coming.

there are two things upcoming that im sure will drive this stock down probably to ~.30, because when this stock gets hit with any kind of bad news it tanks hard...hell ive seen the damn thing tank on good news.

1. the delisting warning, just the warning which means nothing will of course negatively effect this stock as does every other piece of news it seems.

2. the 3Q earnings call which we all know is gonna be poor, will of course drive the price lower still.

but after those two things, im planning on jumping in again. lost about 10k in this ship already, but i really believe in the product and think the merged channels and "best of" will help generate revenue.

not sure when the delisting warning will come...last day at a $1 was 9-19 so 30 trading days later is...10/31 a friday. anyone know when the 3Q earnings come in?

There may be a couple problems with your theory......

What if SIRI trades over $1.00 before any delisting notice happens? What if the NDAQ extends it's delisting policies (as has been reported) and no delisting warning comes? What if the Q3 #'s are better than expected and the merger synergies are ahead of schedule? What if the debt financing crosses the wires and the stock ramps before Q3 or any delisting notice? What if everything that possibly could go wrong and more is already priced in? These are questions that must be asked at this level....

Thinking that SIRI will go lower than over 90% off of it's 52 week high seems a little wacky IMHO....I'm surprised it ever got this low!