An unconfirmed rumor has surfaced that a new channel guide for the merged Sirius XM Radio Inc. was recently created, and is expected to be released on November 5th.

The lineup, of which 50 of the channels are said to be Music Channels, is rumored to have been put together last Wednesday. New Channel logos are rumored to still being created.

It will be interesting to see if this is all true (this information, I must stress, is still all unconfirmed). But if you think about it, there must be a reason why XM does not have an A La Carte radio - if they merged all the channels, perhaps there would be no need for it.

Additionally, sources are saying that most of these new "Combined" channels will come from the New York offices, however unique channels such as The Loft on XM will stay. Holiday programming is also said to be out of New York.

Channel merging will start within weeks and will be completed shortly afterwards in an effort to be completed before the holidays.

- Source Orbitcast