Firstly I dont know what the real cost of a receiver is. I suspect it is not much.

But, it occurred to me when seeing the recycling of cell phones,cameras and other portable devices that there should be a possibility of a bare bones Sirius-XM receiver that might be loaded with an emergency channel and some other channels for instance several music channels or channels that reflect the users interest such as MLB or NFL.

Radios would come preset for a specific time frame.

Imagine the NFL radio that carrys NFL only for 1 season and marketed by the NFL and then is useless.

Of coarse all units would be PREPAID!!!

I see the possibilities as endless and would open up a whole new group of people. If the unit could be marketed reasonably think of the advertising specialty business. NASCAR brought to you on your DuPont radio.
MLB brought to you on your CITI radio.

Antennae could be similiar to Stiletto headphone in addition to normal plug, battery could be built in such as cell phone rechargables.

Any thoughts?