IF...um...I mean WHEN Mel announces SOME sort of refinance deal...

the stock may finally get out of the basement alittle.

My HOPE is that this news and upward move might entice other parties to FINALLY express an interest in BUYING Sirius.

If MSFT or GOOGLE saw the advertising potential of a nationwide product like Sirius...especially in these hard economic times....then a bidding war could start.

I strongly feel this is our BEST short term hope of getting the pop we NEVER got AFTER the merger.

Otherwise I see a long slow upward climb.

Which is fine too...but I'd much prefer the exciting explosive buzz a buyout would generate. It would finaly cast a more positive YANG light on what has been a very dark YIN period we've been in for years now.

Imagine if word got out that giants like GOOG or MSFT were interested in Sirius. It'd scare the shorts to cover and bring much needed positive attention back to Sirius.

What do u all think? Pie in the sky? Or a real possibility?

All hinges on the refinancing tho. Come on Mel. Give us some hope.