I`ve looked over the distribution kits for use thru a cable tv line and it seems the kit Sirius offers will only work with one cable input. I have 4 leads comming from my cable box to various rooms in my house. With only one combiner and splitter included in the kit, you could only really connect to just one cable outlet. Correct?
So the only difference between just the outdoor antenna and the CATV antenna is that you wont have to drill a hole into your house for the antenna wire to go to?
Thinking of getting a second Sirius player (1 for myself and 1 for the wife). Just wondering if there was a way to run the CATV to two rooms thru cable or should I just just buy 2 outdoor antennas and run them to seperate locations?
Could you use a splitter in place of a combiner, just use it backwards? And could you use just any cable splitter this way so I wouldnt have to buy more combiners/splitters or another kit for the second player?