We've merged. We've got nearly 20 MILLION subscribers now. More than any other media company except for Comcast. Mel is projecting 425 MILLION in synergies next year, with 2.7 BILLION in projected revenue and 2.4 Billion in operating expenses...creating positive EBITDA for the first time of around 300 MILLION. Sirius is still one of the FASTEST growing media companies in the US.

And yet....we hit 46 cents today. 4 cents lower than Goldman's LATEST downgrade.

My question is.....is the DEBT the ONLY REASON why we are trading this low? With all the positives above, I can't think of ANY other reason why we are below a buck. It just doesn't make sense.

Even with the bad economy...we shouldn't be this low.

So it must be the Debt right?