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Thread: Charles, Do You Have Any New Info?

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    Charles, Do You Have Any New Info?

    Your byline writers are MIA. Mel is MIA. Stock in the crapper. You are the only principal in the office. Do you have anything you can tell us, other than take it to the forums?

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    I have to second that man. We are flying blind here. Not that Tyler or Brandon can shed any more light on what's happening...but SiriusBuzz has become our sanctuary...and they've become our surrogate leaders thru the last 2 years during the insane merger delay and now with Mel's silence post merger.

    Where else are we to go for guidance, reassurance and straight talk?

    Certainly not the Yahoo boards. Lol. Might as well throw me into a straight jacket and toss me in a room full of schizophrenics in an insane asylum.

    It's been 4 days since we've heard from Tyler and even longer from Brandon.

    I hope they're ok.

    These are certainly scary times.

    But if Sirius is going down in flames, I much rather know Tyler and Brandon were in the plane with us. LOL. Not that I want them to die in a firey crash....but if this is TRULY the end...I wanna know they are at the party with us. After's their party.


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    It is hard to report anything when there is no real news coming out.

    The "rescue" package has been passed, so at this point we need to wait and see how that is going to be split up and spent. Financing is still up in the air for the converts. The rescue package should make this easier and more economical, so that is a plus, but until there is anything solid, we wont know anything.

    The Detroit package has been passed, so we need to wait to see how they are going to spend it. It should at least help with financing packages for new vehicles, or the above rescue should, so that bodes well for OEM sales, which helps satrad, but until there is anything solid, we wont know anything.

    Hard to report the unknown =)

    For what it is worth, I am still in it with ya. Tyler and Brandon would definately make a disclaimer post if they got out.

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    Sorry...didn't mean to leave ya out Newmie. My bad.

    But I wouldn't say there's no news exactly. That never stopped SiriusBuzz before. Heck...there was essentially NO news for nearly 17 months while we were in "Merger Limbo"....and yet SiriusBuzz would comment, speculate etc.

    Even if it was just "filler" it was SOMETHING. Because when you're not getting any news from the CEO and only "noise" at places like the Yahoo was always nice to come here and read SOMETHING you know.

    Not saying you guys should write 3 articles EVERY day. But even your personal views on whats happening with the market and how it effects Sirius. Or even hearing you guys vent or talk about something trivial helped fill the void.

    Does that makes sense?

    Like Uncle Ben told Peter Parker...with Great Power comes Great Responsibility.....

    Like it or not...YOU guys have become our friendly neighborhood spiderman.

    We need to know you're there.

    Ok...I'm officially babbling.

    Sirius Buzz. Sirius Buzz. Does what ever a Sirius Does!


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    Radio Shack Report

    The Local Daytona FL store had a big space cleared out next to their remaining SIRIUS inventory. No new equipment or merchandising displays. I asked the salesman when the new stuff was coming. He said Thursday. I asked if they would carry any XM gear. He said that they did not carry XM, but the new SIRIUS equipment handles both signals (misleading info). The salesman was not one of the sharper dudes in the store. It was just before closing time at 9 PM EST. I said that October 6th was to be the big roll out. He said Radio Shack won't be getting their new stuff til Thursday. He pointed me to the newest SIRIUS radio the Sportster 5.

    I think I'm going to go with XM and best of SIRIUS.

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    If we had any new info you guys would be the first to know. We aren't sitting on anything, we are all simply busy and there is no new news. Don't get mad at us, get mad at Sirius... email everyone you can get a hold of that company and give them hell!
    Charles LaRocca
    SiriusBuzz Founder

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