I copied an SXMInvestor comment and some of my comments and ideas from the article comment thread so that all the commercial ideas could be together in this thread......

SXMInvestor Says:
Seems to me their is an opportunity for retail to gain some life & I have a big idea for a commercial for owners of used cars who buy a plug and play radio. Here we go:

So some 18 year kid is getting into his parents used hunk of junk and he installs his plug and play for the 1st time and automatically his car transforms, so if the kid turns on the strobe, the car fills with beautiful club going young woman or if he puts on the NFL channel, you have some stars packed in his car with Logos on the outside of his car, maybe Howard Stern & Crew & Bubba pack his car is he turns that channel on & on and on. Something to make the kid feel like his life changes when he drives around town & turns that radio on and when he pulls back up at his parents house, he pulls the radio out and all goes back to normal, but he tucks the radio in his pocket and kind of looks around like this is my little secret weapon.

Demian Says:

I love your commercial idea. Great marketing idea to make it hip for younger people. Brilliant idea. They should have done this a long time ago. They need to make sat radio cool. Have some rapper in the car with the kid rapping while he is driving.

I wanted to add to your idea with some of my ideas….

Using your concept, it could extend to every member of the family…..

So the dad gets in the car and he tunes to CNN and Larry King and Wolf Blitzer are sitting in the car with him. He tunes to CNBC and then you see Jim Cramer sitting next to him saying “boooooyah”. Whatever sports channel he turns to has famous athletes in the car with him.

Then the mom gets in the car and and you see Oprah in the seat next to her and Martha weaving a basket in the back seat. Oprah says “Me and Martha are going to hang out with you today - hey Martha, how is that basket coming?

Then the daughter gets in the car and you see the Jonas brothers in the car with her, etc.

You could also have an add for Backseat TV showing kids really bored in the backseat. The Mom turns on Backseat TV and then you see cartoon characters sitting next to the kids keeping them company.

You could also show the family in the car in bad weather and traffic. Then you see a newscaster guy with a microphone telling them what is up ahead and how to avoid it and giving a weather forecast.

These ads would also have subliminal messages in them telling people to buy SIRI stock. The promo ads for the new packages you hear on the radio now should also have backwards messages that say “buy SIRI” when reversed.

One other thing. When the car is driving around, it passes an office window and you see Mel K. shaking hands with banker guys in suits. Above the window you see the sign that says, “Loan Office”. The car then passes the GS office building and you see guys in suits crying in the background……….

SXMInvestor Says:


Some great ideas, but maybe we could leave out Matha weaving the basket - lol !

Actually I was reminded of an XM commercial from Canada that I had seen where some beautiful woman started throwing their panties at him in his drivers seat when they realized or heard his satellite radio.

I would like to see Sirius XM go on a nightclub tour through many of the major cities promoting the music and overall service.

Demian Says:

I’ve got another idea for a commercial…..

Show 2 young men and a group of hot chicks. One of the girls asks if one of the boys can give them a ride home. They both say “I will” at the same time. The girl then asks if they have sat radio. With much excitement all the girls hop in the car with the guy that has sat radio and the car peels out and leaves the other guy in a cloud of dust. The camera zooms out and the announcer says - “If you don’t have Satellite Radio, you are missing out.”

The music in the background that plays as you see the Sirius/XM logo of course has subliminal backwards messages in it that say “buy SIRI stock now” and “give sat radios to everyone this Christmas.”

Another idea for that ad……

The guy that doesn’t have sat radio says, “I didn’t get it because I thought they were going to go bankrupt and go out of business.” - then all of the girls laugh at him and as they are getting into the other guys car one of the girls says - “what a loser!” and makes the L symbol with her fingers on her forehead……..

I’ve got another idea for a Christmas commercial………….

You show a family in front of the Christmas tree and the parents are giving a present to a high school aged girl. The girl opens the present and starts crying and says, “I didn’t want another iPod, I’m sick of all that music I’ve already heard a million times - I wanted a portable satellite radio! Then there is a knock at the door and it’s her girlfriend who says,”Look what I got for Christmas - the new XMP3!” Then you show the girl holding the iPod crying…….

The camera pans out and the announcer says, “Don’t let this nightmare happen at your house this Christmas - give the gift of live content - give the gift of satellite radio”