Sorry for the lack of results last week as I was very busy at home. But fear not, trophies did get assigned.

As far as week 4 results, here we go:

Stud of the Week:
The Chicago SIRIans are back in their spot as studs after totaling 117 points. The SIRIans also remain the leagues ONLY undefeated team.

Dud of the Week:
Team, hit hard by BYE weeks, combined for only 63 points.

Individual Player of the Week:
The award officially goes to the Chicago SIRIans, whos Larry Johnson (KC) totalled 29 individual points. As in Week 3, there was a player on someones bench who totalled more (The NAB Hypocrites had Favre on the bench, who earned 33 points).

Special Note: Congratulations to the Mac Hine's Babba Boeys for their first win of the season, defeating Team Freeman 114-101.