Soooooooooo, yeah. Markets crashing, gov't inept. Throught the fog we get positive words from Citi along with an 18% drop in Siri's PPS. The markets do have my head messed up; the Dow to 8300? Who knows. I have to confess, I almost bailed on Siri today. Maybe--probably--should have. But I didn't. What's losing a couple (HA) more bucks at this point, right? Then, more bullshit from Markey et al re: HD inclusion......whatever. My outrage turns to numbness. Markey did vote for the bailout package today (via Roll Call) for what it is worth.
Two last things. I enjoy the new Siriusbuzz feature Tyler's Take & Brandon's Bet. Check it out if you haven't already.
Lastly, Oct. 6 is around the corner. If the peeps in DC somehow get a bailout passed by week's end (and thus 'supposedly' greasing the credit market & hypothetically giving Mel & Co. a better shot at better REFI terms), and with all the bank consolidation happening hourly (it seems), and the $25 billion auto bailout, maybe, just maybe, we will start to see a turnaround with this PPS. I'm the optimist.