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Us sirius subs are still getting screwed. We cant listen to MLB games but xm subs can listen to all NFL games. Granted they dont get the Nascar crew talk channels but NFL is more popular
bbking32... perhaps I didn't make myself clear in my last post... but what I said was that MLB typically does not make changes to contracts with their media partners during the season. MLB is one of the most difficult sports groups to work with, because you have to work with (and get approvals) from all 30 clubs. IMHO, they're between a rock and hard place, because of the timing here... they'll have to wait until the season is over before they can get approval.

Just because MLB wasn't announced now, doesn't mean that it can't be after the season is over. Don't be surprised if it is.

However, playing devil's advocate here, I do have questions as to whether Sirius' system can handle the extra load... there are some days where the demand for bits for MLB games on the XM system are quite high. And by handle, I mean have enough free bits that they can use without compressing everything else down too much... and it's just a question in my mind, that's all.