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I have a Kenwood plug and play and the radio did update but I do not see the two XM categories so I guess that radio is useless.
Good chance if you call up and complain that you cant get the best of XM package they will offer you a brand new compatible radio free of charge. They have been doing this on a 1 on 1 basis.
I feel the same about this merger that Sirius long term loyal subscribers are getting the short end of the stick here from non compatible radios to a non comparable best of Xm package vs the best of Sirius package. I almost feel like XM is the one who bought out Sirius because thats the way things feel now. Your almost better off dropping your sirius subscription and getting an XM subscription and adding the best of Sirius package. XM subscribers certianly are making out way better on this deal than Sirius subscribers are with much less hassle and aggrevation due to the merger.