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Thread: Is this deserving, another 10% haircut?

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    Is this deserving, another 10% haircut?

    Is SiriusXM a bank or investment institution? It sure is being treated as one. What is going on? How much more can we swallow? Is it time to revolt as shareholders? Are we going to continue to accept silence from Karmizan?

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    down we go again

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    SiriusXM will need refinancing in the next few months. Credit not being available is a great worry of a lot of people and institutions - that is what this $700,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 discussion in congress is all about. Not only that, it's a Friday, and a lot of people do not want to hold investments over the weekend in iffy times like this. I, for one, am not surprised at today's decline (although I, too, would wish it would stop). Like others on this board have stated, when (and if) financing is in place, a lot of uncertainty about Sirius XM will go away, and there will, theoretically, be an increase in the stock price.

    Everyone have a great weekend!

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    Does anyone realize that institutions and top mutual funds still hold, on today's market price, hundreds of millions of dollars in Sirius XM Radio?

    Any yet some people think Sirius will not get the refi... when everyone familiar with these companies know this is the major burden overshadowing this new company. A complete refi, resolving the convert issue, will likely rocket this stock into the stratosphere.

    What am I missing? It seems like the sentiment at Sirius Buzz is largely negative lately. Why emphasize the negative? You honestly believe what the street is telling you? This stock is way, way undervalued right now.

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    I think you are right that some who comment on this board are negative, but a lot of us are just frustrated at the current stock price direction. (Many of us have been long Sirius for a long time and are optimistic about Sirius XM's future.) I also think you are right that a lot of big money is optimistic about the successful outcome of Sirius' refinancing.

    So I, like you, are trying to mitigate my frustration at what is happening with the stock price (and the overall economic problems our country and the world are facing), with the firm belief that there is a bright future for satellite radio in the future. If people are willing (and they are) to fork over a hundred bucks a month for a telephone they can walk around with on the street, and another hundred bucks a month for cable tv (both of which a lot of people think of as "necessities"), I don't see a problem of a lot of people continuing to pay 13 bucks a month for great satellite radio in their cars and homes.

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    SiriusXMInvestor: With the talk of the 700 billion dollar bailout being down the drain as last night, did you really think that stocks were going to skyrocket? Sirius XM is soley dependant on financing right now. Remember last year when nothing could move the stock except merger news? Same thing is happening now, but with finance. Once the financial markets get cleaned up, then people will get more confidence in the company being able to refi their debt. Until then, look for the volitility you are seeing today.

    Seamless: I understand that SiriusBuzz is normally seen as a gun-hoe Sirius XM site. For the most part, we are. I wont speak for the rest of the writers here, but I personally feel (as I have stated in several articles) that if you are going to be invested in a stock, you need to make a well informed choice. In order to do that, you need to know the pros AND the cons. Right now, there are a lot of pros, but one big con - financing. I have a MILLION ideas that could make me rich beyond my wildest dreams, but you know what? I dont have the financing to make them reality. Sirius XM is the same way. Great company, awsome product, but if they dont have the financing, it doesnt really matter. I am confident that they will get the financing, but until they do, the stock is not going anywhere. I am not being NEGATIVE, I am being REALISTIC. Big difference.

    Just like SteveSirius, I believe in this company and I think that the combined Sirius XM is going to make a lot of people a lot of money one day, but not TODAY. That is the thing about being a long term investor. You are looking YEARS down the road, not day to day.

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