I sometimes hate reading ideas or rumors regarding Sirius (i.e. Google/Microsoft buying SIRI or 'here's a great way to raise cash'); this is by far the weirdest stock I've owned. Having said that, I have a thought. I noticed MySpace launched a music sharing aspect to their site today. Perhaps Sirius could find a lesser social site and partner with them. (Maybe not even a lesser site; maybe do a deal with Facebook.) This would get more people to get Sirius to 'participate' with others doing the same. I realize that people who listen/subscribe to Sirius now are in certain circle; but, by having them go to a place and share thoughts/comments could expand the base and thus increase revenue (not to mention selling ads on the site). The merger buzz--for what it was--is gone. With the launch in two weeks of a la carte and cross programming it would just be another way to not only create a buzz but to grow the fan base. Just a thought....Thanks.