Hi, I have a Stiletto 2 that I installed both on my 91 Camaro and my 04 Grand Prix. Each car has its own car kit (cradle, antenna, power cord, etc.). For some ungodly reason, I can't seem to get good reception when driving the Camaro. When I drive the Grand Prix, the reception is awesome. Only breaks up once when I go under a lengthy underpass. The Camaro, however, breaks up every 10-20 seconds, sometimes losing signal for minutes (up to 5 mins.). I have changed antennas and antenna types and nothing seems to work. I was sure it had something to do with the fact that my car has very little metal for the antenna because of the T-tops, so I switched to an antenna with adhesive (instead of magnets) and attached it to my hatch window - no better; I tried the Nissan antenna (goes in the windshield) - couldn't make it work very well because of the plug. I tried switching cradles, thinking that was the issue - no luck. I am now thinking it could be the Stiletto 2, but that doesn't make sense, as it works fine in the Grand Prix. Does anyone have any ideas?? Would truly appreciate some insight.