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Thread: Deep Tracks

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    Deep Tracks

    What's going on with this channel??
    Was great..a few years back. Now...not nearly as much.
    Seems like everytime I tune in...they're playing 'The Faces' or 'Little Feat'
    Who sets the playlists?
    Also..the Grateful Dead have their own need to copy them.
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    Should be re-named to 'Sirius XM Deep Talking'
    Yesterday, I tuned to Deep Tracks four different times...only to hear jabbering every time.

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    How many days left of playing 'Rush' non-stop??

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    As I'm sure you know, Deep Tracks became a limited-time Rush channel on January 12 to honor Rush drummer and lyricist Neil Peart, who died of a brain tumor January 7 at age 67. As of today, the Rush channel is scheduled to run through January 19. On Twitter, many fans are clamoring for a permanent Rush channel. SiriusXM should ignore them. There's already a full-time Rush channel on TuneIn – and I don't mean Limbaugh.

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    For your amazement and amusement, here is a small sample of what's being played on The Rush Channel. I didn't list the artists because, umm, every song is by Rush. Doy! Chart positions are from the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart. Dashes denote non-charting singles.

    SiriusXM 27 – The Rush Channel

    A Farewell To Kings (--/1978)
    A Passage To Bangkok (--/1981)
    A Passage To Bangkok (Live) (LP/1981)
    Bastille Day (--/1975)
    Bastille Day (Live) (LP/1976)
    Between The Wheels (39/1984)
    Body Electric (23/1984)
    Camera Eye (LP/1981)
    Circumstances (LP/1978)
    Clockwork Angels (LP/2012)
    Closer To The Heart (--/1977)
    Closer To The Heart (Live) (21/1981)
    Cygnus X-1 (LP/1977)
    Digital Man (--/1983)
    Distant Early Warning (3/1984)
    Dreamline (1/1992)
    Fly By Night (--/1975)
    Force Ten (3/1987)
    Freewill (LP/1980)
    Grand Designs (LP/1985)
    Hand Over Fist (LP/1989)
    Here Again (LP/1974)
    Kid Gloves (LP/1984)
    La Villa Strangiato (LP/1974)
    Lessons (LP/1976)
    Limelight (4/1981)
    Madrigal (LP/1977)
    Marathon (--/1985)
    Marathon (Live) (6/1985)
    Mission (33/1989)
    Natural Science (LP/1980)
    New World Man (1/1982)
    One Little Victory (10/2002)
    Presto (14/1990)
    Red Barchetta (LP/1981)
    Red Sector A (21/1984)
    Rivendell (LP/1975)
    Secret Touch (25/2002)
    Something For Nothing (LP/1976)
    Stick It Out (1/1993)
    Subdivisions (5/1982)
    Test For Echo (1/1996)
    The Analog Kid (19/1982)
    The Big Money (4/1985)
    The Fountain Of Lamneth (LP/1975)
    The Pass (15/1990)
    The Temples Of Syrinx (--/1976)
    The Trees (--/1978)
    The Weapon (--/1983)
    Time Stand Still (3/1987)
    Tom Sawyer (8/1981)
    Turn The Page (LP/1987)
    Vital Signs (LP/1981)
    Working Man (LP/1974)
    Xanadu (LP/1977)

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    It's incredible, to me, that they decided to take over Deep Tracks for this 'honor'
    One of the few stations worth listening to...and they turn it into a 'Rush' station.

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    Now that it’s Led Zepplin channel does this mean the death of Deep Tracks? Dump this dedicated LZ crap and bring back Earle Bailey.

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    So, to echo the OP... What's going on with this channel?

    I listen to Sirius XM on my desktop, and I note that Deep Tracks is now designated as Channel 290.

    In my car, that is a sports channel.

    Deep Tracks is a major reason I re-upped for a year. Can anybody shed any light on this?

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    SiriusXM added a lot of single-artist channels. I like the Elvis channel and the Beatles channel but I think all the others should be online only instead of taking the place of channels like Deep Tracks. There are new channels for Phish, Coldplay, Queen, Bob Marley, U2, Pearl Jam, Michael Jackson, Beastie Boys, Grateful Dead and Dave Matthews Band. We do not need them. Bring back Deep Tracks!

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    Just mentioned on the Deep Tracks streaming channel that the switch to Queen exclusively is another temporary change. I'll wait.

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