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    Deep Tracks

    What's going on with this channel??
    Was great..a few years back. Now...not nearly as much.
    Seems like everytime I tune in...they're playing 'The Faces' or 'Little Feat'
    Who sets the playlists?
    Also..the Grateful Dead have their own need to copy them.
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    Should be re-named to 'Sirius XM Deep Talking'
    Yesterday, I tuned to Deep Tracks four different times...only to hear jabbering every time.

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    How many days left of playing 'Rush' non-stop??

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    As I'm sure you know, Deep Tracks became a limited-time Rush channel on January 12 to honor Rush drummer and lyricist Neil Peart, who died of a brain tumor January 7 at age 67. As of today, the Rush channel is scheduled to run through January 19. On Twitter, many fans are clamoring for a permanent Rush channel. SiriusXM should ignore them. There's already a full-time Rush channel on TuneIn – and I don't mean Limbaugh.

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    For your amazement and amusement, here is a small sample of what's being played on The Rush Channel. I didn't list the artists because, umm, every song is by Rush. Doy! Chart positions are from the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart. Dashes denote non-charting singles.

    SiriusXM 27 – The Rush Channel

    A Farewell To Kings (--/1978)
    A Passage To Bangkok (--/1981)
    A Passage To Bangkok (Live) (LP/1981)
    Bastille Day (--/1975)
    Bastille Day (Live) (LP/1976)
    Between The Wheels (39/1984)
    Body Electric (23/1984)
    Camera Eye (LP/1981)
    Circumstances (LP/1978)
    Clockwork Angels (LP/2012)
    Closer To The Heart (--/1977)
    Closer To The Heart (Live) (21/1981)
    Cygnus X-1 (LP/1977)
    Digital Man (--/1983)
    Distant Early Warning (3/1984)
    Dreamline (1/1992)
    Fly By Night (--/1975)
    Force Ten (3/1987)
    Freewill (LP/1980)
    Grand Designs (LP/1985)
    Hand Over Fist (LP/1989)
    Here Again (LP/1974)
    Kid Gloves (LP/1984)
    La Villa Strangiato (LP/1974)
    Lessons (LP/1976)
    Limelight (4/1981)
    Madrigal (LP/1977)
    Marathon (--/1985)
    Marathon (Live) (6/1985)
    Mission (33/1989)
    Natural Science (LP/1980)
    New World Man (1/1982)
    One Little Victory (10/2002)
    Presto (14/1990)
    Red Barchetta (LP/1981)
    Red Sector A (21/1984)
    Rivendell (LP/1975)
    Secret Touch (25/2002)
    Something For Nothing (LP/1976)
    Stick It Out (1/1993)
    Subdivisions (5/1982)
    Test For Echo (1/1996)
    The Analog Kid (19/1982)
    The Big Money (4/1985)
    The Fountain Of Lamneth (LP/1975)
    The Pass (15/1990)
    The Temples Of Syrinx (--/1976)
    The Trees (--/1978)
    The Weapon (--/1983)
    Time Stand Still (3/1987)
    Tom Sawyer (8/1981)
    Turn The Page (LP/1987)
    Vital Signs (LP/1981)
    Working Man (LP/1974)
    Xanadu (LP/1977)

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    It's incredible, to me, that they decided to take over Deep Tracks for this 'honor'
    One of the few stations worth listening to...and they turn it into a 'Rush' station.

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