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Thread: Earle Bailey

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    Earle Bailey

    Does anyone else find Earle as annoying as I do, the way he blathers on and on is just stupid sometimes.

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    Blathering Bailey. Yes, he rambles too much and can be very annoying. He wasn't always that way, though. He's been in radio since 1969, working at WPKN, WLIR, WRNW, WMMR and WNEW-FM. He's been with XM (now SiriusXM) since April 2001, five months prior to XM's sign-on. I believe he's been with XM longer than anyone else. Bailey used to talk about songs and artists. He now talks about whatever he feels like talking about. Here he is, telling us about Ash Wednesday ("Umm...uhh...") and sounding like Dr. Phil:

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